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Matt Bogado
Posted Jan 28 - Read on Facebook

HI there! I'm trying to put together my first prototype in framer and I can't seem to figure out how to add different animation speeds and springs to different elements. Right now all the elements move at the same speed and in a linear format. Here's the work in progress:

Any tips will be much appreciated. Thank you!


Joshua Tucker

Have you checked out layer.animate in the Docs? Is it a helpful source for you?

It talks about the various curves one can use and how to apply them.

Jihwan Kim

And.... You can also use layer.states.add & layer.states.animationOptions combo. :)

Matt Bogado

Animation is really working for me now. Just need to figure out how to invove a different artboard from Sketch into my prototype. Thank you for the tips!

Joshua Tucker

Good luck! If you're using Framer Studio, feel free to share your work as you iterate (using Share) and we would be happy to help you progress!

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