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Kate Pincott
Posted Jan 27 - Read on Facebook

Hi All, I am a Sketch3.2 UI designer learning javascript for first time as we speak.

Q1 ) When I import my sketch file, what am I meant to see? I don't see anything in the viewer and no layers appear in the code? I made sure the artboard in sketch was x:0, y:0.

Q2 ) Are most people exporting their assets manually by drag/dropping them in the window instead? I saw a few github exporter scripts for sketch 3.0

So I dragged a later in as you can see, but I still don't see anything in the viewer?


Koen Bok

Hey Kate, Sketch importing is built in so you don't need anything extra. There are some caveats though described here:

Try to start with a simple Sketch file like this: (download and you'll see a sketch file in there).

How you use it depends on what you like. The importing can be very effective, but some people prefer to drag and drop images.

Kate Pincott

Hi Koen, thanks. I read the caveats and made sure I adhered. Yeah sure, I'll try with a simpler test file first. I also read that intro article... but It doesn't show me a screen grab of what I am meant to see once I have imported the file/ drag/dropped the assets

Koen Bok

You are meant to see an exact copy of your sketch file, like:

Kate Pincott

That's not working for me for some reason, but the drag/dropping assets is.

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