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Christopher Sybico
Posted Jan 26 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, Framer or Sketch seems to ignore transparent layers inside the group when exporting. I wanted to include the transparent bounds to have a bigger tap area - like the example below instead of 192x128, it will only export 27x40. Is there another way to do this?


Koen Bok

I don't think so. I'll add this as a feature request!

Robin Raszka


Patrick Wong

Instead of slicing out an asset for the "3", you could try slicing the whole keyboard and create the transparent layer in Framer and position on top.

Joey Lamelas

What I do is have the layer fully visible when exporting it and then setting the opacity to 0 in Framer.

Christopher Sybico

Thanks for all the suggestions. Found a quick but dirty solution for now; I added 1% opacity on all my bounds.

Chad Lonberger

+1 to feature request although it might be moreso for the sketch team's export feature..

Patrick Wong

You might also try creating a slice in sketch to the size of your desired bounds, and nest that slice inside the group, then export the group

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