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Benjamin Den Boer
Posted Jan 26 - Read on Facebook

Hey all - we're looking for new prototypes to include in future Example page additions, other sections and future site updates. If you have been working on something great that you'd like to see featured - now is a great time to share. :)

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Kevin Cannon

Maybe this is too much of a hack, but I did this example how to draw diagonal lines.

Benjamin Den Boer

That's really cool Kevin.

Stephen Crowley

I'm revisiting this project to make some tweaks to the animation:

Kevin Cannon

Here's an update. This allows for any size line:

Tarun Chakravorty

all the examples on the site are pretty polished, i wonder if we should have some examples of transitions in the wireframing phase. I'm making one where the visual designs aren't finished, but I'm playing with the different animations already -

Sang Lee

The code is a bit messy, but I've been working on a prototype that loads and parses live data from a webpage via ajax:

Ed Chao

working on something! might not finish in time, if not I'll submit for the next round :)

Matt Wujek

Hey Benjamin, it is too late to submit work? I'd love to get a carousel feature on the examples

Benjamin Den Boer

Thanks guys - all submissions are much appreciated. :)
Matt Wujek - definitely not! Never too late.

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