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Kevin Cannon

Maybe this is too much of a hack, but I did this example how to draw diagonal lines.

Benjamin Den Boer

That's really cool Kevin.

Stephen Crowley

I'm revisiting this project to make some tweaks to the animation:

Kevin Cannon

Here's an update. This allows for any size line:

Tarun Chakravorty

all the examples on the site are pretty polished, i wonder if we should have some examples of transitions in the wireframing phase. I'm making one where the visual designs aren't finished, but I'm playing with the different animations already -

Sang Lee

The code is a bit messy, but I've been working on a prototype that loads and parses live data from a webpage via ajax:

Ed Chao

working on something! might not finish in time, if not I'll submit for the next round :)

Matt Wujek

Hey Benjamin, it is too late to submit work? I'd love to get a carousel feature on the examples

Benjamin Den Boer

Thanks guys - all submissions are much appreciated. :)
Matt Wujek - definitely not! Never too late.

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