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Stu Greenham
Posted Jan 21 - Read on Facebook

Sorry if this is a stupid question guys but I am looking to present a mockup on my iPad but when I mirror the to the device I am seeing the device on screen. It doesn't appear fullscreen like I want it too.

When I do the same for my iPhone, the mirroring doesn't show the iPhone itself and just displays it full screen.

I have an iPad Mini Retina btw.

Any ideas of what I am doing wrong?


Joshua Tucker

By no means a stupid question! Are you using Framer Studio? If so, I think it has to do with how "Viewer" is set. Set Viewer to "Fullscreen" and then mirror. It should remove the iPhone frame from the browser window. Or, you can change Viewer to "Fullscreen" even if you already have the link live and working - it will update itself on a refresh.

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