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Joshua Tucker
Posted Jan 21 - Read on Facebook

Got a new perspective on scroll/direction lock - thanks Devin Abbott for getting me thinking about the topic!

Investigated, prototyped, and came up with a potential new layer of interaction on a scroll view using scroll lock as more than just a "safeguard". Totally solved a problem I have wanted to "fix" for a long time.


Matt Wujek

Great work, Joshua

Koen Bok

I really like your conceptual approaches and explanations. In this pace, I wouldn't be surprised if you hit on some really big idea soon.

Joshua Tucker

Callil Capuozzo Great idea! Info zoom is clever. I thought about at one point doing something like that with pinch but it didn't even come to mind with this. Try it! I And I agree, I never even think to do that haha. I'll be better about that and start it off first :P. I like the background a lot I guess. For now, I'll add a blip at the beginning to let people know where it begins.

Joshua Tucker

Koen Bok Haha, well, practice makes perfect.

Jorn van Dijk

You're on a roll man!

Joshua Tucker

Jorn van Dijk Framer has opened a new door from my mind to paper, so to speak. For that I am extremely grateful!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Nice work again!

David Lee


Jason Ogle


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