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Koen Bok
Posted Feb 14 - Read on Facebook

Announcing Framer Sharing

Today's update brings a new sharing feature. You can now share your project with other designers, your team or the entire internet with just one click.


Stephen Crowley

Great work guys!

Fran Pérez

Fantastic guys! This is super useful :)
One thing I would love to have is the ability to unshare the protos.

Ryan Gonzalez

Really exciting! One of the reasons that Framer is so useful is that using web tech has made it really easy to share all the work done with it; a lot easier than asking someone to download another application to play with or tweak things.

Any plans to be able to peek at the code inline, like for the examples projects?

Koen Bok

Maybe we'll add that in the future, but isn't the "open" button even better?

Ryan Gonzalez

Definitely, just don't want my coworkers to have to download Studio/the source files to take a quick peek at the code :P

Koen Bok

Oh but I do ;-)

Jacob Berlow

Thank you!

Amy Casillas

Once you've shared, can you unshare?

Koen Bok

Amy: not right now (we don't have logins/users) but urls are very random and not published (like Dropbox). That said, if you made an oops mail [email protected].

Ola Laurin

Any idea why "Check for updates..." is disabled? Running 1.9.46

Koen Bok

It might have gotten stuck checking (it's disabled while checking). Restart Framer and try again. Otherwise just re-download from the site.

Ola Laurin

Thanks! Very nice update, Koen.

Matt Wujek

Great addition. Thanks, Koen

Chris Mayers

When I load a shared page, it works fine, but if I refresh the page it doesn't work anymore. If I enter the URL bar and hit enter, it will load fine again. This happens in both Chrome and Safari. Any idea why just refreshing doesn't work?

Chris Mayers

(Also, this is awesome. Thanks for the new functionality!)

Koen Bok

Chris any errors in the console?

Chris Mayers

Just checked. There are errors about tracker.js and analytics.js being blocked by client, but those appear even on first load.

Padraig McKee

Once again, great!

Koen Bok

Chris hmm, I also didn't hear anyone else with this issue. Could it maybe be (a combination) of extensions? What platform/browser version are you running?

Brian Saunders

This is a great idea. One comment I have is that when I share a prototype it isn't immediately clear what the result of that is. I had chrome running in full screen mode and didn't realize that new tabs were being automatically created outside of Framer.

Koen Bok

Brian we also throw a notification, but maybe it isn't visible oin fullscreen or you had dnd enabled? Anyway, fair point. We'll think about it.

Brian Saunders

You know, that's totally my oversight here. I mute notifications when I do screenshares at work, and I probably still had them disabled when I generated the share link. Thanks for the response.

Ed Chao

not sure if anyone asked this yet, but how long does share.framer host these projects for? I'm assuming they get taken down after a set time along with the link?

Stephen Crowley

Same question Ed - Also, when I share a project and make updates- I assumed the share would have the same URL and just update the project so my teammates can just save one link to the project as we are constantly refining. I will say the load time is quick and which allows for the the animations to be presented the way I intended.

Dave Feldman

Once a project is shared at a particular URL, how does one un-share (delete) it?

Amy Casillas

I know you said above that you can email [email protected] if you want the shared project deleted, but it would be really nice to be able to do that myself. I accidentally hit Share when I meant to hit Mirror, and now my project is shared when I didn't want it to be. Or maybe a confirmation dialog could be shown before sharing.

Dave Feldman

...especially since if one doesn't save the URL someplace, there doesn't seem to be any way of indicating *which* project to delete.

Matthew Jones


Benny Chew

This is seriously a great feature! Just tried it and amazed by how easy it is to setup (1 click and done lol). But just wondering: aren't you guys worried about server disk space usage? If it's so easy to setup, also easy to 'abuse'. When do 'used' shares get deleted if you can't delete them yourself, or do they stay online forever. :)

Noam Elbaz

Koen Bok what is the max size we can upload per project? I get a "HTTP Error 413: Request Entity Too Large. See the console for more info." project was about 3mb.

Koen Bok

Hey Noam I did not set limits on uploading. Let me check what this could be.

Koen Bok

Could you share your project (confidentially) by sending it to [email protected]?

Noam Elbaz

Koen Bok I sent the project just now. Thanks.

Peter Hilgersom

Koen Bok and the whole team. Thanks a tonload for this functionality. Sharing is so easy now. Love it!

Aaron Carámbula

had a chance to use this to help someone with a problem and it was magical

Koen Bok

Aaron I also especially love it for that :-)

Jo Higgins

Such a good function but, I get Upload Failed. Error: Upload timeout, try again later.. See the console for more info. It might be my work network restrictions maybe.

Jordan Robert Dobson

It would be great if framer could store the shared pages in the app so you have a history of your pages.

Kevin Cannon

Really need to be able to password protect this. Could you use something simple like htaccess to handle that? That way you just need to generate one more file.

We could have something like this in the code perhaps.
Share.password = "blah"

Since most of us will be sharing client work, having a publically accessible URL makes this unusable. Anonymity is not enough security for my clients unfortunately, so I can't use this great feature for anything else :(

David Lee

Is there a way that I can delete the shared file?

Jorn van Dijk

David Lee: email [email protected] and we can take it down. We're working on a better solution.

Paddy Keane

my current workflow is to create a parse app, and add express with basic HTTP Auth. A one click share is great but due to the nature of some prototypes it will need more security than a randomly generated url. Hope you can come up with a more secure way to share and manage - I'm sure you will, great work so far ;)

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