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Koen Bok
Posted Jan 20 - Read on Facebook

I did a braindump on Framers' most wanted features. If you were thinking to contribute, start here. Suggestions are welcome too!


Devin Abbott

Yes please

Kevin Cannon

I'd like to be able to easily draw lines.

Rafael Puyana

WebGL pleaaaaase :)

Matt Montag

+1 for better DragView API and basic Swiper functionality (paginated, nestable, etc.)

Rodny Arriagada Lobos

Implement circular progress bar.

Tobias Schmidt

I'd love to have an additional Event to subscribe which fires every time an Animation progresses, probably called "animationTick". Alternatively a "Main Loop Event" which would allows me to execute some code with every redraw. Thanks for your awesome work, Koen Bok.

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