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Kai Oliver Reuter
Posted Jan 18 - Read on Facebook

Hello guys,

I've implemented a share url from mapBox into an iframe. That's working fine but it seems to be that the farmer layer blocks all the touch events. I can't interact with the map. Hope you can help me.



Jordan Robert Dobson

There is an ignore events you can change to false. See the layer documentation. That *might* help.

Maximilian Kiener

Have you tried to put your map on top (position absolute, higher z-index)?

Koen Bok

Yeah you need to set layer.ignoreEvents to false and["-webkit-select"] to auto.

Kai Oliver Reuter

Thanks it's working now. Only on iPad the performance is pretty slow. I think it has something to do with the retina scaling. Any thoughts?

Koen Bok

Is it worse than in a regular html file? If so scaling could be it, but it's hard to guess. You could try to make sure all scaling is at 100% and see if that helps.

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