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Simon Lessing
Posted Jan 18 - Read on Facebook

Koen Bok & Benjamin Den Boer
Is there any place where you list potential improvements for Framer Studio? Or some place where we can wish for features? As an example, I bet you're thinking a lot about how to improve the autocomplete - I know I do. ;)
Granted, all you Sofa elites are both awesome designers & coders, but I think that many in this group are designers and we could probably flood you with a pile of good and bad ideas for such a feature.
You could just pick out the few good percent and throw out the rest...


Koen Bok

We're working on something like that.

Simon Lessing

I kind of had a feeling that you did. ;)
Can I ask you: is auto complete among the top 10 things you're thinking of Framer Studio? Thx

Koen Bok

Yes, but to make it "smart" you need to analyze code and context, which is a big engineering effort for dynamic languages. So while it's one of our biggest most obvious wishes, it won't be here next week :-)

Simon Lessing

Here's a small idea that is quite fast to implement:
Make the list Frecency-based like an ordinary web/email adress field. i.e. i type TRUE a lot more than TRY. Ideally they would be super-duper context sensitive, but just basic Frecency takes you a long way I think.

Koen Bok

This is very cool Simon.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I agree with this. It's not bad now. But frequency would make it much nicer.

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