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Hugo Mingoia
Posted Jan 15 - Read on Facebook

Search screen transition I did for the new version of an app called Openbike Now.

Not sure everything is perfect, but I'm still learning FramerJS, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts !


Jordan Robert Dobson

I would avoid animating the icons last since it brings more focus to them instead of the search term.

Peter Hilgersom

Nice work, wish I could do it! The only thing I 'miss' is what you click on. I'd assume the search icon? :)

Hugo Mingoia

Jordan: I'll try that, thanks !
Peter: Actually, as the Framer is dedicated to this particular animation for now, the element I click on doesn't really matter, so I put the trigger on the entire screen.

Peter Hilgersom

Ah right, its for communicating to the devs then? :) I was just saying as an outside I didn't get what it was about ^_^

Hugo Mingoia

Yes that's it ;)

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