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Thomas Veit
Posted Jan 14 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, noob here... I'm looking for a step by step tutorial for sketch and framer.. I already fail trying to select a layer or layergroup within framer... :-(
Any help or links are very appreciated


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Thomas Veit, after importing your Sketch document, an Importer Object is placed on top of your code. (Framer.Importer.load) It automatically is assigned a variable, but you can rename it.

Let's say you've named your importer object "sketch" and you have a layer group named "content" - this is how you would target the imported layer within Framer:

sketch.content.opacity = 0

Note that you need to place your Sketch layers in groups: if you want to import a rectangle, it needs to be in a group. Then, you can name the group and later target it in Framer by that same name.

Hope this helps. :)

Thomas Veit

oooh awesome! it works thank you!! :)

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