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Joshua Tucker
Posted Jan 14 - Read on Facebook

I've noticed that when mirroring with Framer and using events like "TouchMove" in a desktop browser, once you hover + move over the layer in question, it detects it as a move, even though I have not clicked down. Is this avoidable? Am I doing something wrong?


Jordan Robert Dobson

Yeah that has gotten me a few times too.

Tisho Georgiev

This actually applies only to TouchMove. TouchMove is equivalent to mousemove on a desktop browser, which is why you're seeing the behavior you're seeing. We could probably let the mousemoves through only if there was a mousedown right before it? /cc Koen Bok

Jordan Robert Dobson

^ exactly. I end up blocking touch move unless a down was fired first.

Jordan Robert Dobson

It may also be nice to apply a change in the touch pointer graphic so it's clear there was a press down. That would make the videos I end up doing of my prototypes more clear too if the pointer changed. A simple of the pointer to be a bit larger would probably work and be more clear if you that change was made Tisho and Koen.

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