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Simon Lessing
Posted Mar 25 - Read on Facebook

Hey, semi-n00b here, loving framer! ;)
I'm currently trying to get it to play nicely with paper.js. It's working OK in Framer Studio but when I try it on iOS there seems to be a problem with the events. Paper wants them in a certain format, but neither TouchMove or DragMove seems to do it. Is there a way to convert the events or how do I do this?
Thanks Benjamin Den Boer & Kai Oliver Reuter for getting me started.


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Simon, for the draggable / drawing layer to work on iOS you need to use the "Events.touchEvent(event).clientX" (and y) instead of the "event.x" (and y) on DragMove or TouchMove within path.add. :)

Koen Bok

Also, I'm not sure what you are using Paper for specifically but we are working on path animations in Framer.

Harsha Vardhan R

Simon Lessing Can you let us know how you got them to work together? Total noob here :) Koen Bok amazing...Look forward to path animations!

Giovanni Caruso

Thanks Benjamin Den Boer. I was looking for this solution as well.

Tisho Georgiev

Harsha Vardhan R, you can play with the build that supports path animations by downloading it from here:

Harsha Vardhan R

Cheers! Tisho Georgiev

Simon Lessing

Thank you Benjamin Den Boer, as I've seen e.g. Joshua Tucker and others mention, that event handling is a bit tricky - it really threw me off.

Koen Bok & Tisho Georgiev very excited about the paths, I can't really decipher the code but it looks like I should be able to capture pointer events to build and SVG path in pretty much the same way, right?

Harsha Vardhan R here's a screenshot-tutorial that has everything you need, as you can see it's really quite simple to integrate a canvas-based JS framework like Paper in Framer.
I have a very shallow understanding of the browser and how everything runs in it, so that was a very nice surprise with Framer and something that makes me invest more and more in this tool, having used both Keynote, Quartz Composer, Pixate & more fairly extensively for prototyping in the past.

Harsha Vardhan R

Woop! Thanks Simon Lessing ... can't wait to try this now.

Andrew Nalband

Thank you for all this! I was able to get this up and running pretty fast, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the drawing to stop after the touch ends. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Andrew Nalband

This seemed to do the trick for drawing new lines - was able to get a simple drawing interface going pretty quickly: (note - positioning of touch only works on the iphone)

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