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Rafael Puyana
Posted Jan 13 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys. I have been playing with framer as a character animation tool. This is the first attempt to do so, and I will be posting more of these guys soon. Let me know your comments about it.


Joshua Tucker

Neat! Very detailed. Would you be able to show the source at some point? I'd love to learn from some of the stuff you did.

Rafael Puyana

Sure totally

Rafael Puyana

Code for this animation is in my GitHub repos >

Koen Bok

Very neat. I think Framer is far from ideal today to do this kind of work, so I'd love to hear ideas on how to make it better.

Rafael Puyana

Thanks Koen. I’m glad you like it. I totally agree that this is some sort of twist on the capabilities of Framer.js but I am totally loving it. After being a fan of Action Script time ago, I have found Framer pretty engaging by the simplicity of the Coffescript integration. I will be updating more examples. I hope guys from the community with more programming experience can suggest improvements to the code.

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