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Jerehmie Cannon
Posted Jan 12 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys! I just bought Framer over the weekend, and need some help getting started. Anyone have a link to a current tutorial?


Ryan Gonzalez

Best place to start would be !

Jerehmie Cannon

Yeah, I've been through this, but it's not super helpful. I imported a PSD, can see its layer groups, but cannot seem to manipulate them. it would be great if I had a step by step guide.

Matt Wujek

Hey Jerehmie, I'm working on this right now. To get started, you can select the group layers like this:

***use import button to load your PSD***
psd = Framer.Importer.load "imported/my-psd-file"

*** make variables for the groups that you have in your PSD ***
navigation = psd.nav
content = psd.content
footer = psd.footer

*** make changes to your layers ***
navigation.y = 0
footer.opacity = 1

Jerehmie Cannon

Do I replace the code that gets generated on import, or paste this after?

Matt Wujek

I usually just change the variable name. I also added more to the comment. That make sense?

Jerehmie Cannon

Ah, that makes sense. I think I need to spend a little time in Codecademy before I jump into Framer.

Matt Wujek

Good luck! I'll post in this group when I finish that tutorial.

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Jerehmie Cannon, when importing, an Importer object is placed on top of your code. (Framer.Importer.load) It automatically is assigned a variable, but you can rename it. Let's say you've named your importer object "psd" and you have a layer group named "content" - this is how you would target the layer:

psd.content.opacity = 0

Andreas Wahlström

Jerehmie Cannon Here's an old tutorial I wrote (just republished it on medium): Let me know if it helps!

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