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Koen Bok
Posted Jan 12 - Read on Facebook

Pretty excited by all the cool contributions this weekend:

Improved draggable by Devin Abbott:

Basic Carousel by Matt Wujek

Path Animation Proposal by Tisho Georgiev

Gestures based on hand positions by Joshua Tucker

And much more examples (see the group). These projects are so good that I'm pretty sure they will in some form end up in the core of Framer, which will benefit everyone using it.

If you are thinking to contribute too, I'll be making a nice page with wanted features on the GitHub repo that will contain ideas to work on.


Jordan Robert Dobson

I'm working on something similar to TableView and CollectionView in iOS. Would love to add that for consideration as well.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I expect to have it available for review later this week. :)

Ryan Gonzalez

Excited to see the "wanted features" page, been itching to contribute back to core. Is there a place where people who want to contribute can chat? Like a slack group or IRC where it's less about using Framer and more about core roadmap and feature discussion? That could be very helpful.

Joshua Tucker

If we can help make these a reality in core Framer, let us know. While I may not personally know exactly how I could do that yet, I would gladly learn and contribute in a way that would be best for review and potential implementation.

Jason Ogle

Source code for first example available?

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