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Erik Berndt
Posted Jan 12 - Read on Facebook


I just started using Framer for prototyping our app. Such a great tool! Thank you!
However, I still have a problem with mirroring to my Nexus 5, which has a screen resolution of 1080x1920. My prototype is the same size. When testing it on the phone it only shows a part of the prototype I see in Framer. When I susbstract 1/3 of the pixel and change the canvas size of my prototype to a 720x1260 it is not displayed properly within Framer, but perfectly on the device.
With an iPhone it works perfectly.

Do you guys experienced the same and have a solution for me?


Koen Bok

I haven't played with this before. I think you can fix it by:

1) setting the device.contentScale based on the device (sniff userAgent)
2) setting the meta viewport tag

Erik Berndt

Thanks a lot! :)

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