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Matt Wujek
Posted Jan 11 - Read on Facebook

Simple carousel with buttons centered at the bottom. Demo & code:


Joel Leví Hernández

I will indeed use this, thanks.

Svet Denkov

Matt what did you use for the individual backgrounds: a single piece of a rectangle layer with sections and you just move it left or right on drag? I am curious to see how you pulled it off.

Matt Wujek

Hi Svet, the background is a single rectangle with a gradient fill. Each time it's clicked, the rectangle moves right by the width of the container. In this example, the container is 640px wide and the background is 1920px.

Svet Denkov

Awesome Matt! I thought that's how you did it. Another approach would be to use 3 separate layers and ondrag, to chain them one with another. I wonder if a 3-state State Machine can be used with custom animation to capture the same interaction :). Good job either way!

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