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Vikar Zhang
Posted Jan 10 - Read on Facebook

Is there a way to change mouse style to default as the system's?
I mean if I want to use framer to make some web prototypes, I don't need mouse to be like a circle.
Or is framerjs only made for mobile projects?


Benjamin Den Boer

Snippets -> Normal Cursor :)

Vikar Zhang

Hi Benjamin Den Boer, thanks for your reply! I tried this sentence in Framer, but it seems not working, and I don't really understand this. Do you mean I need to add a variable named Snippets?
And I find this works: = "auto"

Andreas Wahlström

Vikar Zhang are you using Framer Studio? In that case, there's a Snippets menu in the toolbar that will give you quick access to common reusable codeblocks. It will print the code you just mentioned :)

Vikar Zhang

oh,oh,yes! I find it! Thank you guys, you are so kind! Andreas Wahlström, Benjamin Den Boer

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