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Joshua Tucker
Posted Jan 17 - Read on Facebook

I've been spending the last few days working to address a problem I think is really important – right handed versus left handed use. So often do controls/menu options/etc. cater to one side or the other, making it difficult for a number of different people. Lots of trial and error and research/reading later, I think I've come up with a solution for my app on how to detect whether someone is using their left hand or right hand to open my menu. That way, I can decide how to display options accordingly.

Check it out!

(Code/Sketch file coming soon – gotta fix a few things).


Matt Wujek

Very nice, Joshua. Thanks for sharing!

Simon Rood

This is incredible!

Koen Bok

This is really cool work.

David Lee


Joshua Tucker

Thanks everyone for the feedback and interest :). I can assure you my coding expertise is in much need of improvement, I welcome all critique and feedback (for any aspect). Since much of these projects are dual-purpose (a real world app and learning the prototyping abilities), I can get off on learning tangents in order to expand my breadth of knowledge. So, with that, I will post all my materials ASAP. I am hoping that you will be able to find it invigorating for your own work, and we can all work together to improve on features like this across the board.

Umesh Janardhanan


Jay Stakelon


Jardson Almeida


Samuel Pushpak

Wow! Joshua Tucker this is really novel. Can you give the link to that research paper you are referring to ?

Joshua Tucker

Samuel Pushpak Thank you! Absolutely –

Samuel Pushpak

thanks a lot Joshua Tucker

Joshua Tucker

Samuel Pushpak Of course, enjoy my friend! It's got some neat information. While it doesn't disclose all that they did, it was a great starting point to thinking on my own about ways to do some of the stuff I want to do/have done.

Joshua Tucker

I rewrote basically all my code for this project yesterday because it was pure rubbish :). Note: it will not work on desktop – you must mirror it to a mobile device (iPhone) due to the specific methods used. Here is the source + the Sketch file used. I am not beyond critique or suggestions. I am here to learn!

Joshua Tucker

Koen Bok The .zip file includes a Sketch file in it – that going to cause problems with your framer link?

Koen Bok

Yeah, I'll fix that in a next update :-/

Joshua Tucker

Ok! I just tried using the link and it gave me an error so I wanted to make sure it's all good. I can change it up if need be.

Kevin Cannon

Nice work. Have you tested this with many people?
What's the success ratio?

Joshua Tucker

I have tested it with 5-10 people so far. Success is high, but I haven't tested it since my recent optimization.

Hao De

Great work Joshua! Very impressive!

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