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Priscilla Gomez
Posted Jan 09 - Read on Facebook

I searched this up but didn't find that anyone has asked it before so here it goes... Is there a way to publish/export your prototype without requiring framer to be installed on the machine you choose to view it on? Thanks in advance.


Svet Denkov

Grab the entire .framer project folder and drop it on a shared server location e.g., Dropbox or personal hosting space. it should be accessible this way, assuming target audience is on the desktop and using a Webkit browser. For displaying on mobile, it is a different story: you will have to customzie the viewport properties in the HTML and in the code control how the content shows (no shell/background). I will let others weigh in on the latter though! Cheers!

George Kedenburg III

If you're sharing it with someone on the same network as you, you can just use the mirroring function.

Koen Bok

We're also working on something for this, to make it even easier.

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