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Ma Thieu
Posted Jan 06 - Read on Facebook

Hi, i opened Framer yesterday for the first time.
I imported my design from Sketch containing 3 artboards.
I saw the first one (by default) but i didn't succeed to see the second or the third one. I looked on the internet but nothing really helped.

Does anyone have the solution please?


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Ma Thieu, only the first artboard will be visible in Framer by default. To view the others, simply set the visible property (of the hidden artboards) to true. (sketch.artboardB.visible = true)

See the Importing (Principles) section if you'd like to learn more:

Ma Thieu

Thank you Benjamin Den Boer, the sentence (sketch.artboardB.visible = true) was missing for me. sorry for the very newbie question.

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