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Amy Casillas
Posted Jan 09 - Read on Facebook

Is there an event I can listen for that tells when all items have been initialized and displayed on screen? I have an opening animation, but it is starting before everything is completely ready.


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Amy, you could try a few things:
1. Utils.domComplete -> print "Ready!"
2. Utils.delay 0.5, -> ... (timed)
3. If videoLayers are causing the delay, you can listen to the canplay or canplaythrough events:

Amy Casillas

Thanks Benjamin. I'll try this. It isn't a video layer, it's a series of layers containing Sketch images that take a while to load the first time through.

Koen Bok

You can use the "load" event on images.

Amy Casillas

Why can't I find Utils.domComplete in the documentation? Is there an example of it in use somewhere?

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