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David Lee
Posted Jan 06 - Read on Facebook

Happy new year :)
This is my Day-1 prototype with Framer. I skimmed through tutorials and examples for a few hours and made this, feeling the power and potential of Framer. I purposely made the same example that I made with Form. I'll probably write an article about the differences of them :)


David Lee

Sound was inserted in iMovie, not Framer.

Svet Denkov

David, did you use a gif for the animating text, or did you also prototype that?

David Lee

Svet Denkov I prototyped it :) I don't know how to use .gif in Framer yet..

Svet Denkov

Awesome. Looking forward to the write up!

Benjamin Den Boer

Really nice work David! Looking forward to that article. :)

Koen Bok

Very cool!

Jorn van Dijk

Haha this is awesome! Nice soundtrack :)

Joel Leví Hernández

What did I just hear.

Jordan Robert Dobson

What the.... nice work!

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