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Randy Huynh
Posted Sep 01 - Read on Facebook

Can FramerJS animate CSS styles?

I'm rather new, so this might be a newbie question, however I haven't found the answer in the documentation or elsewhere online. I have a layer with HTML text containing "Seattle" in it. And I want it to change font-size on an event. I've tried guessing at the animation code, but haven't been successful.


George Kedenburg III

as far as I know you can't animate css properties like this. did you try using scale instead?

Randy Huynh

Thanks, definitely works.

Aneesh Karve

in the doc there's a list of all animate-able properties

Grace Tingshan Gou

May I ask if animating style can be done with latest version right now?

Jordan Robert Dobson

No Grace... Only the animateable properties. You could however animate with CSS

Grace Tingshan Gou

Jordan Robert DobsonThanks for the reply! What do you mean by animate with CSS, do we have any example online? Thanks again!

Sergey Voronov

u can specify 2 values of same property for object in framer, and using transition they will be animated

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