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Junu Joseph Yang
Posted Dec 29 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone, this is probably a super newbie question...When using 'Utils.interval,' is there a way to stop it similar to a 'clearInterval'?


George Kedenburg III

kinda hacky but you could include a var check for something outside the scope of the loop... i.e.

Seoh Char

I tried clearInterval, and it works well

Junu Joseph Yang

Seoh Char that works great! Thank you! To continue on this topic, if I wanted to trigger the interval again, I tried 'setInterval timer', but this is not working. Do you have to wrap 'timer' in another function?

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Junu Joseph Yang, yep, wrapping both in a function allows you to start and stop the intervals at any point. :)

Junu Joseph Yang

Benjamin Den Boer This is super helpful. Thank you!

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