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Feddi Ghani
Posted Dec 27 - Read on Facebook

Hi, i have been thinking about buying a mac computer. I curently have windows. but i like the way mac works. problem is issues about mac and apple computer. my question is what would be a great mac to buy?
for 3D designing + music producing + web developing + application developing.
-please let me know if there is an easy way to pick up a mac .
i am about to buy
-Macbook air 2009 -with 8GB RAM
-Mac pro/Powermac G5 xeon 2.66GHz
is it worth for web developing+Server+multiple tasks


Jon Gold

I'd get a recent-ish Air or Pro - 2011 or later.

Seoh Char

significantly performance improvement with Sandy Bridge

Callum Casey

Don't get the air 2009, it's a five year old ultraportable. Fine for everything else but you mention 3D and music producing, which may dwarf it!☺
I would advise against the G5,(or any PowerPC) for the sole reason that they can't run beyond 10.4, so you'll miss out on even Leopard.

Jon Gold

Yeah. I had a 2013 Air, great machine. You can always hook it up to a bigger display, I found them plenty powerful.

Callum Casey

Certainly, both would be fine machines. I'm a ThinkPad guy myself! ☺👌

Josh Peters

You're probably going to want a computer that can handle more RAM. I love the MBA for less intensive work that I do, but for After Effects, CAD and music where you might have large files you need a computer that can better handle that. MBP or iMac (if portable not required

Aneesh Karve

As a rule the NVIDIA GPUs outperform the Intel ones for 3D

Joel Leví Hernández

The most expensive you can find. That's how apple works.

Jordano Moscoso

Buy an Air 2011 or 2012 , you are going to love it

Jordano Moscoso

but if u want more power buy an macbook pro

Feddi Ghani

Joel Leví Hernández Fernández bitter truth

Christina Durbin

Airs are not powerful enough for doing the things you want to do. Get a pro

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