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Didi Medina
Posted Dec 27 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, I could use some direction on this - all in all I'm one of those designers without any coding background, that being said I made most of my prototypes in AE but the inability to interact with the animation rather it playing as a full clip always came short when communicating ideas to engineers. Framer seems very promising but where should I start? I have no experience with JS/ coffee script or any other scripting language for that matter. Any good resources, books, videos, direction and even order of what and how to go about learning the topic that you would recommend form a noob like myself?

Thanks for the help :)


Andreas Mitschke

But all in all, coding is based upon examining code, what others did so to say, and about experience, but to use the framework a bit knowledge might suffice.

Most AFX/AE animations surpass the boundaries of mobile OS anyways, so you most certainly won't be able to reconstruct what you made unless it's basic motion.

This is also often the reason why the dev output differs from the designer's animation - most stuff is simply not "possible" in code without significant performance problems or simply because it is not possible.

PS: I started with c++ back in 2003 and I still won't label myself an accomplished coder today.

Aaron Carámbula

Yo didi! Get framer studio and start hacking the examples.

Cemre maybe we should screen cast the class sometime :)

Joshua Tucker

Like you Didi, I came from a non-coding background (and I still have much to learn). I got started by jumping into Framer.js examples, code, etc., and just keep playing around with it. I use Framer Studio, so I just put in the code and play around with it to see my results. has TONS of stuff so check it out, as well as their blog The examples and the learn sections on both sites are amazing beyond measure and give you a ton of insight on where to start. I cannot link all my sites I've found, but if you search Google for Framer.js stuff, tons of stuff comes up!

Basically, tinker around! It's a more productive and fun way to learn, I think.

Adam Noffsinger

+1 for starting with Code Academy JavaScript basics. Also, just reading through the intro to Framer docs will get you rolling.

Jon Gold

I'm a big fan of Eloquent JavaScript for the basics - honestly Framer should be super easy to pick up - it's so visual, you'll be able to dive right into it.

Matt Wujek

Didi, all of the advice in the previouse comments is definitely going to be a good start for you. I would also suggest looking through these courses at

Framer Lessons:
Designing w Code:

Callum Casey

HTTP://, keep an eye on it from time to time. Occasionally they have free or cheap courses.
Also, I think CS50X is still about, and I hear good about that.

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