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Henry Moran
Posted Dec 24 - Read on Facebook

Is there any way to do this animation with Framer?


Brandon Souba

Comment on the dribble says "Yea, AE , trim paths". It's probably much easier to achieve this using aftereffects.

Andreas Mitschke

This actually got nothing to do with "framer". Framer is a js framework made for interaction design what you see there is a basic drawing animation with some physical bounces and springs.

You can easily archive that with basic SVG interaction like here: . However, to recreate a similar morphing effect from one SVG to another you really should know some advanced CSS or JS.

Yet, as with every "animation", using AFX/AE is the fastest thus most effective way and in this case there is no need for any interaction at all so why not simply including a gif of the animation.

If you aspire a tweening via touch/click you need to opt for the SVG manipulation above.

Henry Moran

Thanks Andreas Mitschke. The manipulation of SVG's was what I needed.

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