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Gabriele Cirulli
Posted Dec 21 - Read on Facebook

Is there any way at all to use Framer Studio with JavaScript instead of CoffeeScript? I found you can use ticks (`) around your JS code to get CoffeeScript to ignore it, but it doesn't look like the best solution since you loose a lot of niceties such as highlighting and suggestions.


Seoh Char

1. Save default project from Studio for making boilerplate.
2. open project directory using other text editor(like Sublime).
3. edit init.js to app.js in index.html.
4. bring up Studio and open Mirror (check your prototype and make it sharable easily)
5. code app.js whatever you need. Mirroring will not work well(auto-refresh) but manually it works.

I don't recommend this way, but it could work anyway.

Andreas Wahlström

Here's an autocomplete I wrote for sublime text: it makes the experience a bit more pleasant. Still prefer framer studio and coffeescript though :)

Gabriele Cirulli

Nice! It's unfortunate that there's no option to just set Framer Studio to use JavaScript, though. I think it would be such a good addition for people who are more comfortable with plain JS.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Coffeescript isn't that hard of a transition.

Gabriele Cirulli

I've used coffeescript, but it really is not my sort of thing. It slows me down way more than it helps me, so it's a bit pointless if I could use JS.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Well you wouldn't get the helper methods. Honestly it doesn't really seem much different to me. Just you get to type less.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I started out using Framer.js... And using live reload. So you can go that route and ignore studio.

Gabriele Cirulli

Sure, that would work as well. I guess I'll try that if there will never be a chance that Framer Studio will support JS. It's just a bit of a pity since I paid for such a great program and just this small shortcoming makes it very hard for me to enjoy it fully.

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