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Ed Chao
Posted Dec 22 - Read on Facebook

has anyone tried out duet? For people who have restricted wifi access at work, I wonder if this could be used instead for mirroring.


Matt Reynolds

Using it with a 2012 MBP and it's running flawlessly. Even streaming video. Way better than the USB monitor I lugged around. :)

Rasmus Andersson

Great piece of software

Jonathan Yap

Still have some performance issues running on retina but otherwise fantastic app. Hope they iron out the bugs in the future.

Thibault Maekelbergh

Seems worth it just holding of a bit reading about issues. Besides my iPad Mini isn't that big :/

Ziyi Zhang

I tried this one, but it seems it suffer several bugs at the time. It would install an independent display driver, and this might cause your Xcode Simulator, or video player not work well. Though it is a great product.

Stephen Crowley

I've noticed issues with my XCode Simulator after installing Duet, hmm.

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