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Robert Malko
Posted Dec 21 - Read on Facebook

Has anybody toyed with the idea of generating objective-c code from the js/coffeescript? I've had success doing this for android with sketch scripting ( and if I could figure out how to map the animation/spring values, I think this would definitely be possible. Speaking of which, does anybody have any mappings from framer spring values to objective-c based animations? :)


Robert Malko

And another quick question (I've been trying to read this board): Is it possible to link from one prototype to another? It'd be great to take multiple artboards and link them together to create complex prototypes.

Salman Ansari

Watching the latest talk I saw them mention that framer has an "equation" that maps the framer values to the Quartz values, which Pop used as well. If you're not using Pop then I think you'll have to do some additional work

Salman Ansari

It was in the Q&A bit

Robert Malko

thanks Salman Ansari I'll take a listen

Shane Brown

You should check out ProtoKit for working with multiple prototypes

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