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Jason Nelson
Posted Dec 18 - Read on Facebook

Hi All - I have a question around what should a relatively simple thing to do. I am trying to create a scrollable list which is easy right? However, I am trying to create a list where the newest content is at the bottom of the list and you scroll up to get to older content. So, in my prototype I tried to put move the layer so that the bottom of the frame aligned to the bottom of the frame. For some reason this breaks the scrolling behavior. Here are examples: This version scrolls but doesn't start the list where I want. In this version I have the list moved to start where I want but it breaks the scroll behavior. Thoughts or other ideas for ways of executing this? Thanks in advance!


Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Hey Jason, I did a little modification to show you one way to do it. Not the cleanest, but it works:

Hope it helps.

Jason Nelson

Marcelo. Definitely hackey but it did the trick! I wonder why a time delay is necessary? Thanks for the tip!

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Jason Nelson didn't stop to look at how scroll is implemented in Framer, but the fact is once you set to "true' it's not immediately working, so the delay just make sure that the scroll is initialized.

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