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Jorn van Dijk
Posted Dec 26 - Read on Facebook

We’ve updated the Framer example gallery with 4 new prototypes.

George Kedenburg III from Parse built an amazing prototype that allows you to read and write to a real database with Parse. He has also written an excellent post on Medium about the process. You should follow George, as he intends to write more Framer/Parse entries.

Li Jingyuan built an extensive Apple Watch prototype for Weibo with tons of interactions, including incoming notifications.

Andreas Wahlström recreated the photo behaviour from the Facebook Paper app.

Kristoffer Lundberg built a very nice slideshow with writer biographies completely generated and styled in Framer.

Make sure to check them all out. If you have a cool prototype you’d like to share, please send us an email ([email protected]).


Kostantinos Frantzis

Nice additions. I am getting this screen on the example for parse. Even when I am changing app id and javascript key I am getting unauthorized access. What am I missing? Anyone else getting this? Jorn van Dijk

Jorn van Dijk

I don't know. George Kedenburg III?

George Kedenburg III

Sent you and Koen a tweet about this, looks like a framer studio bug? Kostantinos sent me his framer file and it works perfectly on my computer. He said it also runs fine when he hosts it locally himself, he only gets this bug in Studio.

Koen Bok

Yep yep. I'll fix it as soon as I return from Patagonia :-)

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