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Stu Greenham
Posted Dec 17 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, I created my first concept in Framer tonight and would love some feedback - the code is probably very bloated but not a bad first attempt considering I bought the app a week ago ;) –


Benjamin Den Boer

Nice work! Your code doesn't look bloated at all. :)

You're using parentheses and curly brackets in a few places you wouldn't necessarily need them, though, and you're declaring animations using different syntaxes throughout the code (layer.animate + new Animation) - but none of these things are necessarily wrong. Oh and there are some redundant commas here and there, but these are all just nitpicks.

It's good to know that there are multiple acceptable ways of defining things in Framer (& CoffeeScript) though.

Stu Greenham

Thanks for your feedback Ben - the mix up of code is probably because I do more JS then CoffeeScript but thanks for checking it out. I'll have a look through later and see what I can tidy up :)

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