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Nina Wei
Posted Dec 17 - Read on Facebook

Hey, I need help... I imported sketch file to Framer Studio... but some text missing, and there is an oval, its position is changed... I checked sketch file, no problem... so weird, anyone has any idea for solving this problem? thanks!!!


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Nina Wei, it might have something to do with the x & y positions of certain elements on your Sketch canvas. Do any of your layers (the text layer, for instance) have negative coordinates? Otherwise, could you attach a sketch+framer file replicating the issue?

Nina Wei

thanks!!! oh, everything needs to be at (0, 0)? i have some images, that half is inside artboard, while half is outside the artboard, is it the problem? Benjamin Den Boer

Nina Wei

i extend the artboard, and also try to make vector layer into bitmap, and it works :)

Jeremy Friedland

Nina if you are using an art board, whatever is not visible will be cut off in framer.

Benjamin Den Boer

Nina Wei yes, when importing, the x and y coordinates of your layers are stored. In Sketch, the x and y positions of a layer are either relative to the canvas (if you're not using any artboards) or to the artboard its contained in.

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