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Brandon Burlington
Posted Dec 15 - Read on Facebook

What's the best way to interact with the prototype on your phone?

When I mirror my project on my Nexus 5 it displays it twice the size?!


Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Hey Brandon, the studio is set for iPhone density I think, so I use a little trick to make sure the layouts are presented in the way I want :

Here's my "setup" to work with the Nexus 5

hope this help. It keeps everything the same on Chrome / Studio and on the phone ( don't forget to "add to home screen" ) it hides the status and system bar and also sets the correct content scale !

Peter Ng

Fuck u Brandon. Ask Mike Feldstein

Brandon Burlington

@Marcelo - Yo Thanks, Imma check that out, looks promising

Brandon Burlington

Peter Ng - always a sweetheart, I'll trackdown this Mike character

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