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Robin Andersen
Posted Dec 12 - Read on Facebook

Hi, I'm trying to display the second artboard in Framer after I imported a sketch file (including two artboards).

I have already tried this (which is not working very well) ->

sketchLayers.endScreen.visible = true
sketchLayers.endScreen.opacity = 1
sketchLayers.endScreen.x = 0
sketchLayers.endScreen.y = 0

(Image: setup in Sketch)


Ces Cortez

Hey Robin is startScreen still visible and possibly in front of endScreen? Maybe hit 'esc' to see where endScreen is and if something else is in front of it.

Robin Andersen

Ces Cortez no tried to move the startScreen out of the way, but there is no second artboard behind it

Juan Sanchez

Does your artboard name have a typo? I wonder if Framer is confused by the artboard names being the same as a group name.

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