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Jay Lee
Posted Dec 11 - Read on Facebook

Hi all, I would like to explore using frmaer.js for usability testing. Anyone can explain the best ways to write events (click/drag,..) to somewhere for analytics use? I am a novice of programming, so don't have much knowledge how to create/open/save data to a file. Zipped example would be perfect if you have attempted similar thing, say capture one simple click event with timestamp and layer name.


Mike Feldstein

not an answer to your question but check out lookback:

Jay Lee

Thanks, Mike Feldstein. But I'm looking for a way to collect data that can be filled in the tables :)

Mike Feldstein

do you want this to be a prototype you distribute and results are sent back, or do you just want to hand a user a device and let them play with it?

Jay Lee

The latter. I am not looking for something fancy such as storing the events/attributes and send it to somewhere else. I am just looking for a way to store the data so after the test, I can plug and pull the data out from the device and view it in my machine.

Koen Bok

The easiest would be to connect some service like mixpanel, heap or If you want to do it yourself with raw data I would store it in the local db with something like lawnchair.

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