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Joe Lifrieri
Posted Dec 11 - Read on Facebook

Framer Studio's error checking has gotten really aggressive. I'm having the error message/carat flash back and forth between lines multiple times a second, even when there's no error on that line. It just got so bad that it crashed a project entirely. Is there any way to disable the automatic error checking?


Amy Casillas

Do you have the Auto Refresh on? I found that turning that off helped.

Joe Lifrieri

Amy I turned that off, but it still did the flashing back and forth thing. I wonder if it's just a bug?

Koen Bok

Any chance you can make a movie so I can see what's happening?

Joe Lifrieri

Koen sure, next time it happens I'll make a quicktime and post it here. Thanks!

Koen Bok

It starts to sound like a bug. I'd love to see this for myself, or in a movie so I can figure out what's happening.

Koen Bok

Note to self: maybe with large projects, a recompile is triggered before the previous one is done, creating a loop.

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