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Callil Capuozzo
Posted Jan 30 - Read on Facebook

Hi all,
I have been playing with curves a bit lately, but got tired of of editing them by hand so I made this curve preview sketch. It lets you adjust the values for spring in real-time to get a better idea of what the numbers do, and help you find your perfect animation.

Currently this only previews the spring-rk4 with three values, but I plan on doing one for spring-dho and bezier. Please let me know if this is useful or if you have any requests!




Jon Arnold

This is a great tool!

Andreas Mitschke

Reminds me of Ralph Thomas physics tests:

Callil Capuozzo

Nice link! I should add a reset button

Andreas Mitschke

Yea, he's pretty prolific and his gravitas java files got some nice insights.

Or something like this spring animation integration:

It's something I'd not come up with.

Koen Bok

Protip: notice how some configurations (500,50,0) can perfectly replace ease-out curves. I often like these real physics curves better than their mathematical counterparts.

Mason Lee

Exactly what I wanted. Thanks!

Jay Stakelon

This is awesome

Harrison Wheeler

Great stuff!

Panos Spiliotis

This is so useful! It would be great if there was a way to map those values to the ones needed to achieve the same effect using the physics engine available on iOS (delay, damping, springVelocity)

Jason Lang

Very useful. Would love more tools like this in general!

Koen Bok

Panos you can use the Facebook POP engine on iOS with this value converter:

Panos Spiliotis

Thank you Koen Bok!

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