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Jackson Chu
Posted Dec 04 - Read on Facebook

I am trying to prototype a marking menu type interaction where I can press and hold an element to reveal more options and then with the cursor/finger still down hover over an option to select it on release. I experimented with the MouseOver event after a TouchStart event which works on a desktop browser but not mobile. Is there way to invoke a hover-type behavior for touch?


Patrick Hansen

I don't think I'm interpreting your interaction correctly since there really is no "hover" on a touch screen. But maybe you can use TouchEvent to detect the touch event location and then maybe use TouchStart and TouchEnd to detect the touch timing? The parallax example might help provide some insight on how to use those:

Ryhan Hassan

An easier way to simulate this is to throw in a draggable layer (you can set it's opacity to 0)

Here's a demo video where the draggable layer has partial opacity (for illustration purposes)

Hugo des Gayets

Working on the same thing too ! Ed Chao the link doesn't work anymore :(

Ed Chao

Hugo des Gayets sad days :(

Jackson Chu

Thank you all for the help! Exactly what I was looking for.

Hugo des Gayets

I figured it out thanks !

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