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Mike Feldstein
Posted Dec 06 - Read on Facebook

Hey Guys, I made a small tool you guys may be interested in. The mirror tool of Framer Studio is amazing, but having to deal with ip addresses and browser chrome is not as sick.

Framer Link is a tiny desktop app that runs in your status bar, and lets the Framer Link ios app connect automatically to your computer to run all your favorite Framer Studio prototypes.

Get the Mac App at and until the app is approved by apple you'll have to build it yourself (or i might be able to beta test you...)

Github to build yourself:

PS Koen Bok if Framer Studio just published a Bonjour Service we wouldn't need the desktop app at all. Here's all you need:


John Anthony Evans

Does this use handoff? I've been considering making a mirror app purely to use it and solve the issue that way.

Mike Feldstein

No it uses bonjour (Or qr codes for people in corp networks). I thought about using handoff but that would preclude people not on Yosemite, and you'd need to be on the same wi-fi network anyway to use Studio's mirroring.

John Anthony Evans

True but handoff would mean it's not broadcast to everyone on the local network. Either way nice work.

Mike Feldstein

ah good point. May have to rethink that.

Mike Feldstein

Yeah i'll see if that change is too tough to make, though it shouldnt be. Been wanting to learn that api anyway

Mike Feldstein

First thought is it's a bit more difficult to use handoff with it not being built into Studio. Since user activities are "current" as soon as another app becomes current, the framer one is lost. I could observe when studio is brought to the front and become current when that happens, but the goal of this project was to be simple.

German Bauer

Brilliant Feldstein nice work.

Koen Bok

I'll add the bonjour advertising in the next update.

Your IP address function will not work everywhere because for systems with multiple addresses you will need the order from the system configuration framework. You can use this:

Koen Bok

I'm also fine with implementing the handoff stuff. Any pointers where to begin?

Mike Meyer

Native Bonjour support would be wonderful. It’d be great if any extra potentially useful metadata was broadcast as TXT records, too.

I hacked in Bonjour support to Framer Studio a while back so I could passively share prototype links with my client people when I was in their office. Modified instead of objc, of course. Had it running a dns-sd process in the background. Really hairy.

Mike Feldstein

Yeah bonjour can be some hairy stuff, and from my experience TXT records don't always work (though that may have been android having bad support for it).

and Koen Bok, handoff stuff is super easy, at least from the studio side. You just need to create an NSUserActivity object and stick it on the userActivity property of your app delegate (or of each window if you wanna get specific to each prototype).

Downsides of handoff are it wont work for android, and third party apps won't be able to tap into it like they could with bonjour. Here is a good doc on it:

David Wertheimer

Love Framer Link. Thx Mike!

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