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Jay Stakelon
Posted Dec 02 - Read on Facebook

Hello Frameristos! I'm getting ready to submit an update to Framless (chromeless iOS browser for previewing prototypes, chock full of bug fixes to the App Store.

I was curious if anyone who's found this project useful would be down to help test updates in the future - I can add you through Testflight if you shoot me a message. Thanks!


Ofer Halevi

Very useful. Are you planning to release an iPad version?

Jay Stakelon

Yesssss. Thanks Koen Bok Jorn van Dijk Marcus Gellermark

Jay Stakelon

Ofer Halevi next version will work on iPad :)

Ed Chao

I'm thinking of updating iOS just to use this. (I know I'm lagging)

Ryan Gonzalez

[email protected]!

Jay Stakelon

Thanks all! Build's waiting for review and then I'll shoot it out to y'all. Appreciate the help!

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