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Koen Bok
Posted Dec 04 - Read on Facebook

Framer update and new examples site:

Check out our awesome new example page (try the open button if you have the latest update):

You can now share any Framer project directly online by uploading a zip and creating a link at


Fran Pérez

Amazing update guys! :)

Mike Brand

This is super rad. Thanks!

Juan Sanchez


David Kooiboi


Min-Sang Choi


Noah Levin

Love this

Ryan Gonzalez

This is wonderful! Also, the “Open in Framer” workflow is wonderful; makes it super easy to tweak and try these all out!

Артем Турчик

Koen Bok A new page of examples is really awesome, however the old one had some pros as for me. Is it possible to see the old version of page by some way?

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