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Boram Kim
Posted Nov 27 - Read on Facebook

Hello framer folks. I've been working on this prototype by using Ed Chao's sample code and videoLayer code which Min-Sang told me yesterday.

I started learning Xcode/Swift and working on some actual applications since Apple event. I realized that Framer can do things much faster than Xcode of course, but it does cost time to build a complex prototype as much as Xcode does. Any thoughts?


Andreas Mitschke

Well, the greatest difference here would be that your prototype in swift actually is fully functional at least it's already functional code populated with dummies. On the other hand framer is just reduced coffee function calls in a js framework of which you can extrapolate animation timing "at best" for later development.
(Which is btw the only reason I rate framer above visual node based tools like form, because it's easy to get out the desired "numbers". Even though for me personally, I'm way faster with form and pixate)

With a swift prototype you already exist in the realms of the OS's capacities, in framer you are limited to js and web abilities.

So, these are hard to compare as I'd say they base on each other, to be precise, framer is way faster and gives you the first contact with your vision and then you can get essential "refined" finer details out of it to put in a functional swift prototype.

Boram Kim

thanks for the comment Andreas :)

Giovanni Caruso

It would be nice to see the code for the videoLayer :)

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