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Cemre Güngör
Posted Feb 02 - Read on Facebook

I managed to nail down the reason of the "Script Error" error right after importing.

When I close and re-open sketch, I find that the file I was trying to import into framer got corrupted, all the bitmaps disappear. So it seems like this is a sketch-related bug.


Koen Bok

Which file got corrupted specifically? What is a good way to recognise this error if I run into it?

Cemre Güngör

the sketch file got corrupted. the way to recognize is, when you get "script error" after importing, reopen the sketch file. maybe there's also a way to see if sketch is giving blank bit maps

Shawn Hickman

I ran into this same issue. I quit Sketch, re-open it, then re-imported into Framer. No issues after that.

Fran Pérez

This was happening to me yesterday as well. I thought it had something to do with having two documents opened in Sketch… Restarting Sketch did the trick.

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