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Jairo Avalos
Posted Nov 27 - Read on Facebook

Trying to get a pulsing ring emanating from a point to loop continuously. It keeps stopping though after a single loop. Any ideas? Code below

tapHintAnimator = ->
# Original properties
tapHint.opacity = 1
tapHint.scale = 0.8

properties: {scale: 1.8, opacity: 0}
curve: 'ease-in'
time: 0.9



Alejandro Cámara López

I think you can put repeat: -1 or very high number under time: 0.9

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Jairo Avalos, here is an easy way to loop animations:

Benjamin Den Boer
Benjamin Den Boer

Shorter notation: (using layer.animate)

Alejandro Cámara López

Benjamin Den Boer, the problem I see with that is that the animation goes from A to B and from B to A… but I think Jairo Avalos wants the animation from A to B for an infinite loop.

Benjamin Den Boer

Ah yeah, if so then using repeat is a good solution, indeed. :)

Jairo Avalos

Thanks guys! Benjamin Den Boer yup was looking to do the A - > B for infinity animation :) Thanks Alejandro Cámara López!

Fran Pérez
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