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Ed Chao
Posted Nov 26 - Read on Facebook

hey Koen, I was just thinking, it would be awesome to be able to collapse layers, classes or functions into single lines with a trailing ellipsis (similar to how sublimetext lets you collapse divs in html or classes in css). I know most folks create a bunch of layers when setting up their projects, or include a bunch of classes at the top of their file. By collapsing these you could make framer projects feel much more manageable.


Andreas Mitschke

I actually use ST with LiveStyle for framer - final set-up is almost studio like.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Same here! Except I use Coda.

Juan Sanchez

I mentioned the same thing at the Designer Fund event. +1

Koen Bok

Yes, this is on my radar. I think something like this might actually be in the editor framework that we use.

Andreas Mitschke

instead of adding luxury features why not first go for an extensive knowledge platform with tutorials and repositories including tutorials how to use every editor and thus every OS of choice.

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